ochei1If inanimate objects could speak, perhaps the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Headquarters (Wadata Plaza), located along Michael Okpara Street, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja would have verbally acknowledged Thursday, November 6, 2104 as a symbolic day, as Rt Hon (Engr) Victor Ochei, the youngest Fellow of The Nigerian Society of Engineers, a lawyer and a Harvard trained educationist and indeed a frontline Delta State gubernatorial aspirant, submitted his nomination form.
This symbolism finds relevance in the pomp and pageantry which had a tinge of tumultuous symphony on the one hand and the unveiling of an articulately knitted blue print aimed at improving the lives of Deltans, once he (Rt. Hon Ochei) mounts the saddle of leadership of the state come 2015 on the other.
There weren’t many activities prior to his arrival at the plaza, but his presence was heralded by a flurry of movements, which created a sublime spectacle, ostensibly accentuated by the double-decker picnic/sightseeing bus, garlanded with the imposing posters of Rt Hon Ochei, a display which a staff of the secretariat dubbed ‘innovative and progressive’.
When he crossed the threshold of teeming supporters from the twenty-five local government councils in Delta state into the plaza with his towering frame, complemented by his delectable spouse Hanatu, who during the press interaction submitted thus, “my husband (Rt Hon Ochei) is a tested and trusted administrator”, there was no doubt that the man Ochei really demonstrated that politics and indeed governance are about the people.
The press, comprising a motley of the electronic and print varieties, was handy and Ochei in his true elements did justice to inquiries pertaining to peculiarities of governance in Delta state from curious journalists.
Being the journalist’ delight, the press swooped on him firing on all cylinders on sundry issues considered tenuous but tangible to the instrumentation of governance, ranging from his expectations of the impending party primaries, to other issues relevant to pragmatic and prolific governance, the seeming unwieldy number of aspirants, and his reaction to the alleged imposition of a candidate by the governor.
On the alleged imposition of a candidate by Governor Uduaghan, he said: “His Excellency Governor Uduaghan has not told me that he is supporting any candidate. Even if he does, it is his constitutional latitude to do so. The fact remains that it will not stop other aspirants from going ahead with the realization of their aspirations. I am not perturbed, as long as there is a level playing ground and don’t forget that power comes from God alone”.
He was equanimous over the seeming unwieldy number of gubernatorial aspirants in the state, a development he described as a positive sign, that democracy is enjoying acceptability as the veritable platform on which progressive governance could be attained as practiced in the comity of nations.
On the possibility of delegates being influenced, he implored them (delegates), “to be guided in the choice of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) flag bearer by producing a candidate who had demonstrated a desirable competence in cost-efficient, qualitative and quantitative service delivery, active and functional peace promotion and multi-dimensional inclusiveness, while carrying all stakeholders along”.
Ochei has been constantly postured as a man of character, a trait that stemmed from his belief that “a man is as good as his words”.
This was amply confirmed in response to the poser of his reaction to the outcome of the party primaries, especially if the party adopted the consensus option. In his usual candour, Ochei acquiesced thus, “in the nomination form that I have just submitted, there is a column where supremacy of the party as the final arbiter in this exercise is stated, and having completed and submitted the form, it implies that I will do the needful”.
His continual commitment to the corporate existence of PDP and its electoral successes were succinctly captured in his response, “the prime virtues of the PDP’s flag bearer should revolve around the ability to foster cohesion and potency within the party”
In summarizing his covenant with Deltans, Ochei in utmost humility recapped: “it will be immodest of me to speak of my antecedents. My antecedent speaks for itself. I have come to provide my good people of Delta an invigorating leadership, one that will bridge the gap between the younger generation and the older one. A leadership that portends greater hope that Deltans will be proud of, that I can assure you by the grace of God. This is capable of realization, because administratively and politically, I have been able to handle positions, I have been tested under pressure and I know what it means to govern”
These are therefore clear pointers to the fact that indeed, Rt Hon Ochei is neither an accidental nor a reluctant aspirant, for he had articulated these noble key points as being germane to the central issue of delivering developmental governance to Deltans.






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