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You do me, I do you…

Have you ever really sat down to think about what this seemingly innocuous phrase means? You do me, I do You. It happens in everyday life; between colleagues in the offices, between staff and oga in the ministries, between two market women selling tomatoes or crayfish in adjacent sheds, between husbands and wives, between boyfriends … Continue reading

Zephaniah Orchardson Campbells (ZOC) Diai Profile of a Legend (One Year Remembrance)

Pa Zephaniah Orchardson Campbells Diai (ZOC) was born on July 27, 1918 to Mr and Mrs Juwe Diai of Atuma Quarters in Idumuje Ugboko (Odi Ani Ancestral genealogy) of Aniocha North, Delta state, Nigeria.His parents, Mr and Mrs Juwe Diai were pioneer Anglican Christians in Idumuje Ugboko, hence they christened their son Zephaniah, after the … Continue reading

On My Wedding Day…

I got married on the 26th of June, 2010 and i can tell you that it was not a day too soon. I will not bother you with the numerous family meetings that had been called on my behalf to address the matter of what my folks and kinsmen referred to as my ‘stubborn decision’ … Continue reading